Dr. Muhammed M. Akanbi
Status:    Senior Lecturer
Department:    Business Law

His Publications are:

A.    Published
*    Journal Articles

  1. M.M. Akanbi; (2001) “Appointment of Arbitrators: Law & Practice”, Nigeria Law and Practice Journal, vol.5, No.1, pp 22- 36, (Council of Legal Education, Nigerian Law School, Abuja, Nigeria). 
  2. M.M. Akanbi; (2005) “Examining the Concept of Arbitrability under Nigerian Domestic Arbitration Laws”, Nigerian Bar Association Journal, vol. 3 No.1, pp108- 127 (Nigerian Bar Association).
  3. M.M. Akanbi; (2006) “The Nigerian Arbitration Act 1988 S.58 and the Doctrine of Covering the Field”, Arbitration, vol. 72 No.3, pp283- 287 (The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators London).
  4. M.M. AKANBI; (2006) “An Overview of the Legal Instruments regulating the Regime of free “Ingress and Egress” within the ECOWAS neighbourhood”, University of Ilorin Law Journal, vol. 1, pp106-116 (Faculty of Law, University of Ilorin). 
  5. M.M. AKANBI; (2006) “The moral burden of the Nigerian Lawyer in the war against corruption”, University of Ilorin Law Journal, vo2. 1, pp142-153 (Faculty of Law, University of Ilorin).
  6. M.M. Akanbi; (2009) “Voluntary Submission under Customary arbitration in Nigeria Laws”, Nigerian Journal of Public Law, vol. 1 No.1, pp62- 77 (Dept of Public and Private Law, Faculty of Law, University of Nigeria).
  7. M.M. Akanbi; (2010) “Examining the Effect of Section 34 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act of 1988 on the Jurisdiction of Courts in Nigeria”, Nigerian Journal of Public Law, vol. 2 No.1, pp298- 309 (Dept of Public and Private Law, Faculty of Law, University of Nigeria).
  8. M.M. Akanbi; (2010) “Privatisation and Commercialisation of Investments: How Beneficial Are They to Developing Economies in Africa?”, The Journal of World Investment & Trade, vol. 11 No. 3.

*    Chapter in Books

  1. M.M. Akanbi; (2003) “Insider Dealings and Investors’ Protection under Nigerian Law: Some Considerations”, Law, Justice and Good Governance, pp 345 -369, (2003, Faculty of Law, University of Ado- Ekiti, Nigeria).
  2. M.M. Akanbi; (2004) “An Appraisal for the Machinery for the Settlement of Trade Disputes in Nigeria”, Readings in International Law, pp 117- 140 (Dept of International Law, Unilorin).
  3. M.M. Akanbi; (2005) “A Critical Assessment of the History and Law of Domestic Arbitration in Nigeria”, Trends in Nigerian Law:  Essays in Honour of Oba D.V.F. Olateru Olagbegi III, pp 461-482 (Pub, Constellation (Nig.) Publishers, Ibadan)
  4. M.M. Akanbi; (2007) “Nigeria’s Commercial History- Quo Vadis Domestic Commercial Arbitration”, Current Issues in Nigerian Jurisprudence:  Essays in Honour of Chief Adegboyega Solomon Awomolo SAN, pp 41-66 (Pub, Renaissance Law Publishers Ltd, Lagos)