Ohijeagbon Ideahi Olayemi
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Status: Lecturer I





His Publication are as follows:

  1. Ohijeagbon, I. O. and Adeyemi, M.B. (2003), Properties of  Clay/Silica/Cement Tiles, Nigeria Journal of Technological Development NJTD), University of Ilorin, Vol. 3 (2), pp102-107.
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  3. Ohijeagbon, I.O. (2008), Estimation of Properties of Unfired Ceramic Products with Sawdust Additives, Proceeding of the 3rd International     Conference on Engineering Education, Technology and Environment, 18th-    19th April, 2008, p145-151, Faculty of Technology, Jimma University, Jimma,     Ethiopia.
  4. Adekunle, A.S; Ohijeagbon, I.O and Olusegun, H.D (2009). Development and Performance of Manually and Motorized Operated Melon Shelling Machine using     Impact Technique. Journal of Engineering. Science and Technology Review,     
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