Dr. Alabi, A.G.F.

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Some of his Publications are:

  1. Alabi, A.G.F.(2007), "Technology of Ilorin Emirate", pp 183 - 191.
  2. Alabi, A.G.F. & Aro, D.A. (2003), "Computerisation of Geophysical Parameters for Boreholes in Ilorin Area, Kwara State, Nigeria", Journal of NJTD, 3: pp 8 - 18.
  3. Alabi, A.G.F. & J.M.* Abdul (1997), "Comparative Assesment of Sand and Die Casting of Complex Shapes", Journal of Pure & Appl. Sci., 12: pp 515 - 524.
  4. Birks, N. and A.G.F. Alabi (1992), "Mechanisms of Autoignition of Finely Divided Steel", Journal of Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy Review, 10: 155 - 164.
  5. Birks, Nell and Abdul G.F. Alabi (1987), "Mechanisms in Corrosion induced Autoignition of Direct reduced Iron", pp 67 - 73.
  6. A. G. F. Alabi, and L.I. Onyej (2010) "Analysis and Comparative Assessment of Locally Produced Reinforcing Steel Bars for Structural Purposes USEP:Journal of Research Information in Civil Engineering,Vol.7,No.2, 2010
  7. A.G.F. Alabi, T.K. Ajiboye and H.D. Olusegun Investigating the cutting forces in heat treated medium carbon steel
  8. A. G. F. Alabi, T. K. Ajiboye* and H. D. Olusegun (2010) Measuring the stress, strain and strain-rate in heat treated medium carbon steel samples and finding the constituited material related properties"  African Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science Research Vol. 3(3), pp. 038-048