Adedayo, S.M.

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Some of his Publications are:

  1. Adedayo, S.M. "The Effect of Welding Speed and Molten Metal Peak Temperature on Thermal History of ARC-Welded Steel Plate by Numerical Methods", pp 1 - 16.
  2. Adedayo, S.M. (1999), "Computation of the Effects of Preheat and Multi-Pass on Temperature Distibutuon in ARC-Welded Steel Plates",Nigeria  Journal of Pure & Appl. Sci., 14: pp 999 –1013. Publisher: Faculty of Science, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria.
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    Publisher: Indian Society for Education and Environment, Indian.
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    Publisher: Institute for Mathematics, Bio- informatics, Information – .    technology and Computer – science( IMBIC ), Egypt.http:/
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  12. Adedayo, S. M. (1991) “Plant Layout  and  Machine Requirement Estimates in .  .    Respect of a new Aluminum Extrusion Product”. Proceedings of the .    annual    conference of  the Nigeria Institute of Industrial Engineers  (N. I. I. E) .    conference,  University of Ibadan Pp. 70-86.
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  15. S.M. Adedayo & S.O.Momoh (2010) " Effect of Initial Elevated metal temperature on mechanical properties of an ARC-welded mild steel plate" Indian Journal of Science and Technology Vol. No. 12 pp 1224-1229