Professor Abdulkareem Sulyman Age

Brief Profile:

Prof. Sulyman Age Abdulkareem (SAA) was born on 21st January, 1954 at Oro town, Irepodun Local Government area of Kwara State.  He attended the Government Secondary School, Ilorin, for both his secondary school education and the Higher School Certificate (HSC) from 1968 to 1974, which he undertook with a Kwara State Government Scholarship. 

He later got the Federal Government Scholarship for his university education at the University of Detroit, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. between 1975 and 1980.  At the end of the course, he came out in flying colours and was awarded the MChE, BChE (Chemical Engineering) specializing in Heterogeneous Catalysis/Reaction Engineering.

From 1985 to 1988, this high-flying intellectual was awarded the United States of America National Science Foundation Fellowship for his Ph.D programme in Chemical Engineering at the University of Louisville, USA.  He also completed his Ph.D in flying colours and obtained the Engineer-In-Training Certificate of the State of Minnesota, USA in 1991.  He became a Registered Engineer of the Nigerian Society of Engineers in 2002 and a COREN Registered Engineer in 2004.

Prof. Abdulkareem, who joined the services of the University of Ilorin in 1996 and became Professor in 2005, was a Research Engineer/Assistant Professor (R&D) at the King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Research Institute, Saudi Arabia, between 1992 and 1994; Senior Development Engineer (R&D) at 3M Company, St Paul, Minnesota, USA (1988 – 1992); Graduate  Teaching Assistant, University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA (1985 – 1988); Lecturer, Detroit Board of Education Detroit, Michigan, USA (August 1984 to August 1985); and Industrial Engineer, the Nigerian Steel Development Company, Ajaokuta (February 1983 – March 1984).

A consummate researcher and thorough-bred academic, he has a lot of inventions and has many Patents to his credit. These include:

  • Kareem, S. A., Unilor Oil Sorbing Wafers, Federal Republic of Nigeria, RP 16005 (2005);
  • Kareem, S. A. Unilor Lubricating Grease, Federal Republic of Nigeria, RP16006 (2005)
  • Kareem, S. A., Unilor Candle, Federal Republic of Nigeria RP16007 (2005)
  • Abdulkareem, S. A. and Amoloye, T. O. (2013). Catalytic Conversion of Low Density Polyethylene (Discarded Pure Water Sachet) to Solid, Liquid and Gaseous Hydrocarbon Fuels, NG/P/2010/332
  • Abdulkareem, S. A. and Abdulaziz N. A. (2013), Catalytic Conversion of High Density Polyethylene (Discarded Yoghurt Bottles) To Solid, Liquid and Gaseous Hydrocarbon Fuels NG/P/2010/333
  • Ajiboye, A. T., Adedokun, G. A., Adewuyi, O, A., Abdulkareem, S. A., Yusuf, A. O. and Mahmoud, H. O., (2016), Unilorin Automaobile Speed Limiter, Developed for NUC and AVCNU Research Challenge, Patent filed

            With 39 publications in highly journals, and about 49 Research and Development Technical Papers, Prof. Abdulkareem has attended and presented incisive papers at 57 major conferences/workshops both locally and internationally.

            A versatile academic, the Vice-Chancellor has many professional attainments to his credit in the course of his career. He was Editor, Science & Humanities Journal, University of Ilorin in 2004; Technical Reviewer, Research Journal of Science, University of Maiduguri in 2008; Associate Editor, Nigerian Journal of Technological Development, University of Ilorin in 2009; External Examiner (PG ChE Department), Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), Ogbomoso, in 2010 - 2014; External Examiner, Fountain University, Osogbo (2014); External Assessor, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria (ChE Doctoral Candidates), 2014 – 2016); External Assessor, Usmanu Dan Fodiyo University, Sokoto (Petroleum Chemistry Professorial Candidates (2014 – 2016); External Assessor, LAUTECH, Ogbomoso (Chemical Engineering Professorial Candidates); External Assessor/Examiner, Federal University of Technology, Minna (Chemical Engineering Professorial and Postgraduate Candidates; External Assessor, Modibo Adama University of technology, Yola (Chemical Engineering Professorial Candidates); External Assessor, Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria, South Africa (Postgraduate Chemical Engineering Candidates); External Examiner, Kwara State University, Malete (Industrial Chemistry Department).

            Prof. Abdulkareem, who delivered his Inaugural Lecture, entitled “Making Stuffs, Hot Stuffs: The Power of Mind over Matter” at the University of Ilorin in 2007, is a winner of a number of Honours and Distinctions and is a Membership of several Professional Societies. These include: Outstanding Researcher Award Winner – 1st Nigerian Universities Research Exhibition (NURESDEF) Organised by the NUC , 2004; 3M Research Laboratory Circle of Excellence Award Winner, 1990 – 1992; Graduate School Dean’s Academic Citation Winner, University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA, 1988; International Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society, 1988; and the American Golden Key National Honour Society, 1986.

            He is a Member of the American Chemical Society, 1978; Member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 1978; Member of Tri-State Catalysis Club (Kentucky), USA, 1985; Member of the Scientific Research Society, USA, 1986; Member of the American Society of Plastic Engineers, 1988; Member of the Chemical Society of Nigeria, 2000; Member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, 2002; Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Administrators and Researchers of Nigeria, 2013; Fellow, The Institute of Corporate Administrators of Nigeria, 2014; Outstanding Education Service Merit Award by National Association of Nigerian Students, 2014; and Awardee, Distinguished Personality Award of Excellence for Contributions to Research and Human Capital Development by the International Science, Technology, Education, Arts, Management and Social Science Research Nexus, Unilorin, Ilorin, 2016

Prof. Abdulkareem has held many important administrative positions in the University, among which are: Director, SIWES (2000 – 2008); Member, ASUU Coordinating Committee (2001 – 2010); Member, University Standing Committee on Linkages, Unilorin (2003 – 2010); Member, ASUU Representative Committee, Unilorin (2002 – 2010); Chairman, Unilorin Muslim Community (2005 – 2008); Head, University Admissions Unit (2006 – 2009); Dean, Student Affairs (2008 – 2010); Member, University of Ilorin Steering Committee on the West African Universities Games (WAUG 2011) (2008 – 2011); Chairman, Unilorin Research and Development Committee (2008 -2010); Sourced VC candidate for ABU, Zaria Vice-Chancellorship vacancy (April 2015); Project Coordinator, Unilorin Drone Team for the 31st Convocation Ceremonies/40th Anniversary (September 2015); BOT Member, Cyber Security Experts Association of Nigeria (2015 to date); Chairman, Unilorin Committee for the 6th Edition of the Nigerian Universities Research and Development Fair held in Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, (February 2016); Chairman, Unilorin Panel on Evaluation of Committee of Deans of Engineering & Technology of Nigeria organised Students Project Exhibition – University of Abuja (May 2016); Member, Management Review Committee of Global Engagement of Unilorin (May 2016 to date); and Director, Laboratory-To-Product (LABTOP) Centre (September 2015 to date).

From June 2010 to June 2015, Prof. Abdulkareem was Vice-Chancellor of Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin.

A service oriented patriot, Prof. Abdulkareem has also made his impact positively felt in a number of services to the community. For instance, he is the Inventor and Initiator, Non-patented Sachet Water Business Establishment in Nigeria, a business initiative that is worth over N7 billion naira daily, according to NAFDAC (1995); Team Leader, Durable Hydrophilic Web Formation – 3M Company, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA (1991); Lead Engineer, Methanol to Olefin Catalytic Project, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (1993 – 1994); Lead Engineer, Alpha Olefins Oligomerization Project, $4oo million scale-up project co-sponsored by SABIC and KFUPM, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (1993 -1994); Co-opted Member, Committee on the Establishment of Kwara State University by the Kwara State Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (2007); and Facilitator, Unilorin Campus Mini-Bus Services in Conjunction with the Students’ Union (2008/2009 Session).

The erudite scholar and astute administrator is married to Hajia Falilat Abdulkareem and they have six children.

His Publications are:

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