Brief Profile: Prof.  A.O. Ogunlela

Education Details
Ph.D (Agricultural Engineering), Oklahoma State University, 1989
M.Sc (Agricultural Engineering), Iowa State University, 1985
B.Sc (Agricultural Engineering), University of Ibadan, 1980
Career Details
Reader (Associate Professor) in Agricultural Engineering Department
Member of Learned Society: MNIAE, MNSE, AMASABE, R. Eng.

Teaching Interests
Water Storage, Transport and Distribution Systems    Soil Conservation, Soil Conservation Structures & Land Protection, Unsteady Flows in Pipes and Channels, Computer Applications & Modelling of Agricultural Systems, Project Planning and Appraisal, Agricultural Hydrology, Soil and Water Conservation, Engineering Mathematics, Engineer in Society, Elements of Land & Water Management for Agriculture Students, Advanced Hydraulics,

Research Interests
Soil and Water Conservation;
Hydrology (Water Quantity and Quality, Stochastic Hydrology, Hydrologic Modelling),
Hydraulics (Closed-Conduit and Open Channel);
Modelling of Agricultural Systems.

Area of specialization:

Soil and Water Engineering

Extra Curricular Activities:
Music, Soccer, Table tennis


Some of his Publications are:

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  2. *Ogunlela A.O. & Kasali, M.Y. (2004), "Hydrologic Studies on a Proposed Muilt-Purpose Surface Reservoir", Journal of Technological Development, 4(1): pp 27 - 36.
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