Dr. Olaniyan, A.M

 Brief Profile:

Education Details

Ph.D (Agricultural Engineering), University of Ilorin, 2006
M.Eng (Agricultural Engineering), University of Ilorin, 1998
B.Eng (Agricultural Engineering), University of Ilorin, 1991
Career Details

Lecturer II in Agricultural Engineering Department
Member of Learned Society:  MNIAE, MNSE, MASABE

Teaching Interests

Engineering Mathematics I, Engineering Mathematics II, Engineering Statistics, Basic Agricultural Engineering I, Basic Agricultural Engineering II, Farm Engineering and Farm Power for  Agricultural Students, Agricultural Machinery for Crop Production, Harvest and Post-Harvest Technology for Agricultural Students, Farm Structures and Environmental Control, Agricultural Land Clearing and Development, Engineering Properties and Handling of Agricultural Materials, Processing and Storage of Agricultural Products, Design and Analysis of Storage Systems,

Research Interests

Development of Techniques and Processes for Juice, Fat and Oil  Extraction
Design and Development of Juice, Fat and Oil Processing Equipment
Development of Techniques Processes and Equipment for Food and Bioproduct Drying                 




Some of his Publications are: