Full Name:  ALABI, Afusat Titilayo Dr. (Mrs)

Department: Educational Management

Present Status: Senior Lecturer

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

UNIVERSITY EDUCATION (With Dates-starting with the latest) 
1. University of Ilorin    1995 – 2000
2. University of Ilorin    1986 – 1989
3. University of Ilorin    1979 – 1983 

SECONDARY OR TECHNICAL EDUCATION (With Dates-starting with the latest)
Ife Oluwa Grammar School, Osogbo    1974 – 1979

ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS AND DIPLOMAS (With Dates and Granting Bodies- starting with the latest)
1. Ph.D. Educational Management  2000 University of Ilorin.
2. M.Ed Educational Management  1989 University of Ilorin
3. B.Sc. Education (Biology)           1983 University of Ilorin
(Second Class Upper Division) 
4. West African School Certificate  1979 WAEC (Grade One)

PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS AND DIPLOMA (With Dates and Granting    Bodies- starting with the latest)
1. Certificate in Computing and Computer Applications (CCA), 2010 Kwara Resource Centre (KRC), Ilorin

2. Certificate in Computer Appreciation and Data Analysis   1997 University of Ilorin     Computer Center, Ilorin

SCHOLARSHIPS AND PRIZES (at University, Secondary or Technical College Level starting with the latest) 
1. University of Ilorin Scholar 1981/82 and 1982/83 Sessions

2. Best Geography Student, Ife-Oluwa Grammar School, Oshogbo 1975/76.

WORK IN PROGRESS: Information and Communications technologies and School effectiveness

Some of her publications are:
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(b) Chapters in Standard Books

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(c) Chapters in Instructional Textbooks

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(d) Chapters in Conference Proceedings

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