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Dr Yahaya Lasiele A.
Cordinator, Unilorin guidance and Counselling Centre


Some of his Publications are:


  1. Yahaya, L. A. &Idowu, A. I. (1993). Perception of sexual harassment in Universities: A case study of lecturers and students of University of Ilorin.
    Nigerian Journal of Counselling and Consulting Psychology,
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  11. Yahaya, L.A. (2008). Choice of spouse.In L. A. Yahaya; M. O. Esere, J.O. Ogunsanmi&O.A.Oniye (2008), Marriage, sex and family Cunselling: Unilorin Press.pp 63-70 . ISBN: 978-075-581- 0
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    youths in Kwara State, Nigeria
    . Journal of AIDS and HIV Research.
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    (A Journal of Department of Education and Counselling Psychology), IBB University, Lapai, Nigeria. (Letter of Acceptance dated 10th July,
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