Professor Olugbenga Ayodeji MOKUOLU

Olugbenga Ayodeji Mokuolu
MB;BS., FWACP (Paed)

Personal Profile

Olugbenga is a Fellow of the West African College of Physicians (Pediatrics) with over 13 years experience in the care of the newborn in the tropics, malaria case/programme management and diverse public health activities. He also has vast experience in lecturing, human resource management, computing, and data/project management. He is skilled in strategic plan development. He is currently the Chairman of the University ICT Advisory Committee. His particular strength lies in capacity building among the younger doctors and public health administration in resource poor settings.
Academically he is an Associate Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. His academic areas of focus are Neonatology and Malaria. His contributions are with respect to promoting understanding of preterm babies, neonatal infections, and general care of the newborn, with a focus on, addressing the challenges of newborn health needs in a developing country, using appropriate technology.

Regarding malaria, Mokuolu has contributed extensively malaria case management at National, Regional and Global levels. His key work is on development of malaria training documents. His research focus in malaria is perinatal malaria and monitoring of antimalarial sensitivity patterns. He is at the moment the Principal Investigator for the Nigerian arm of the African Quinine versus Artesunate trial in Severe Malaria (AQUAMAT). He is also a member of the WHO Technical Working Group on Antimalarial Treatment Guideline Development.
Mokuolu is an examiner at the West African College of Physicians, and External examiner to a number of Universities. He has successfully supervised more than 10-candidates for the part II dissertation to the National Postgraduate and West African Post Graduate Medical Colleges. He is a widely travelled international Consultant on malaria case management, has consulted for WHO, DFID, UNICEF, FMOH and the Global Fund.


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