University of Ilorin P.M.B. 1515,, +234810-848-3222

Position/Status: Lecturer II

Office: Department of Computer Science

Phone: 234-8033862413

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria. M.Sc Mathematics, 2005
Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria. B.Tech Computer Science, 1997.

Appointments: 23/12/98 System Analyst II, September 2001 Graduate Assistant, 
April  2005 Assistant Lecturer, October 2009 Lecturer II.

Assignments: Teaching, Research and Community Service, Level Adviser,

Work in Progress: Ph.D work in Computer Science (The Design of a Legal Decision Support System)

Some of His Publications are:

  1. Olagunju, M., Taiwo, O. A., Ameen, A. O., Mabayoje, M, A., Aremu, M. A., (2011):Determination of Reusable Labware Performances with Emphasis on Oscillation of Pendulum using Visualization Techniques. European Journal of Scientific Research. 50 (1) ; 104-109, Published by EuroJournals Publishing, Inc. Available online at http: //
  2. Mabayoje, M. A., Ameen, A.O., Abikoye, O.C., Olabiyisi, S. O., & Muhammed, R. (2011): An Efficient Fair Queuing Model Data Communication Networks. International Journal of Computer Sciences and Information Security, 9(3); 206-216, Published by International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security (IJCSIS), USA  Available online at
  3. Olagunju, M., Taiwo, A.O., Mabayoje, M., A. & Ameen, A.O., (2011): Weather Flow Pattern Visualization Using Data mining Technique with Emphasis on Rainfal, West Africa Journal of Science, Technology and Social Sciences(WAJOSTECHS), Published by Fafakawa Centre, University of Cape Coast, Ghana.
  4. Fadeyi, A., Desalu, O O, Ameen, A.O, &. Muhammed Adeboye A. N., (2010): The Reported Preparedness and Disposition by Students in a Nigerian University Towards the Use of Information Technology for Medical Education, Journal of Annals of African Medicine 9,(3) 129-34 ISSN1596-3519, Published by Medknow Publications. Available online at www.annalsafrmed.orgw
  5. Olagunju, M., Taiwo, A.O., Ameen, A.O., & Mabayoje, M., A. (2010): Simulation of Dynamic System Using Visualization Techniques with Emphasis on Water Cooling: Journal of Mathematical Association of Nigeria, 37(2) 150-158, Published by Mathematical Association of Nigeria.
  6. Omolehin, J. O, Abdulrahman, M.K.A, Rauf, K., & Ameen, A. O., (2009): Effect of Matrix Transformation on Minimization of Quadratic Functional. ASMI Science Journal 3(1); 1-5, Published by the Academy of Sciences Malaysia.
  7. Omolehin, J.O.,  Asaju, L.B, Olagunju, M, Ameen, A.O. & K. Rauf (2009) “Embedded Confusion Matrix In Fuzzy For System Appraisal”, International Journal of Physical Sciences,  1, (1) 18 – 25,.Published by the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics.
  8. Omolehin, J.O,  Jaiyeola, F.F., Rauf, K., Babatunde, A. O., Abikoye, O.C., Asaju, L.B.,  & Ameen A.O (2009): Development of a Model for Bird Flu Diagnosis. Journal of Research in Physical Sciences. 5(2); 62-72, Published by Duncan Publishing Company.
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