R. A. Olaoye




His Publications are

Article 1 ‘Intrinsic Values of Traditional Arts and crafts to the development of modern science and                            technology in Nigeria.

Article 2: Policy options in Technology in Contemporary Nigeria

Article 3: An Assessment of Major External influences on African Culture

Article 4: Ilorin textile industry in the Nineteenth Century

Article 5: The traditional cloth-weaving industry in Nigeria before 18000

Article 6: African Contact with Islam and Christianity

Article 7: Man and Technology

Article 8: African Culture in Perspective of Contemporary science

Article 9: The traditional cloth-dyeing technology ion Ilorin, Nigeria

Article 10: Economic Activities in Imeri kingdom.

Article 11: Cloth Speaks: A study of cloth among the Yoruba in Nigeria

Article 12: A study of the twentieth century weaving in Ilorin, Nigeria

Article 13: 

indigenous Technology in Nigeria: A case study of Nineteenth Century Ilorin



Article 14: Ilorin Textile industry in the pre-colonial period

Article 15: 

Apprenticeship system in the Ilorin Male Handloom Weaving industry, 1800-



Article 16: Technology and industrialization in Nigeria in the 20th Century

Article 17: Salient Issues in technology in Nigeria in the 21st Century

Article 18: The British Colonial textile Development Scheme in Ilorin, 1950-1960

Article 19: Constraints in the development of Indigenous Science and technology

Article 20 Female labour: A neglected theme in Nigerian Socio-Economic History

Article 21: 

Eastern and Muslim Contribution to science and technology and its impact



on European renaissance


Article 22: An Anatomy of TechnologyCreate PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (http://www.novapdf.com)

Article 23: 

Promotion of creation and creativity in Nigeria: A study in the History of 

Indigenous Technology


 Article 24: The Ilorin Cloth Trade in the 19th century

Article 25: 

the Application of science and technology in Nigerian Universities of National



Development: A historical Perspective Create





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