Name: Omoloso, R.K.
Status: Lecturer II
Department: Linguistics & Nigerian Languages


His Publications are:
  1. Sanusi, I.O. and Omoloso,R.K(2008) "The Role of Proverbs in Preserving Archaic Lexical Items and Expressions in Yoruba, EDE: Journal of Linguistics,  Literature and Culture. Ilorin
  2. Ajiboye, T and Omoloso, R.K. (2008), "Tone Modification and Semantic Change: An  Analysis of Some English Borronings in Yoruba" EDE: Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Culture, Ilorin
  3. Omoloso, R.K.(2007) "Analysis of the Direct and Indirect Illocutions of YORUBA Proverbs" occasional Papers Cape Town: South Africa. The Centre for Advanced Studies of  African Society(CASAS) Occasional Paper No. 33.