Name: Hamzat, S. A. O
Status: Lecturer II
Department: Linguistics & Nigerian Languages


His Publications are:

  1. Hamzat, S. A.(2007) "ANativist's Approach to Okediji's Cultural Restoration in Sango" Journal of Culture & Media Arts. Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 145-156.
  2. Hamzat, S. O. (2004): "Agbeyewo Adeboye Babalola gege bi Akewi Yoruba". Yoruba Gbode Fol. 3, No.4. pp. 75 - 84.
    Hamzat, S. O. (2011): "Individualism and Communalism in Yoruba Proverbs". Ilorin Journal of Linguistics, Literature & Culture. Vol. 2, pp. 174 - 185.
    Hamzat, S. O. (2008): "Science, Technology and the Myth of Sango in the Aesthetics of Yoruba Creative and Literary Arts". The Performer, Ilorin Journal of Performing Arts. Vol. 9, (2007) and Vol. 10, (2008).