Ikibe, Solomon
Status: Lecturer
Department: Performing Arts





His Publications are:

                     Sallah Concert in Focus” Awka Journal of Research inand the Arts Music (ARJMA) 1: 134 -                       141.                                                                                                                                           2.    Ikibe, S.O. (1997). “Ethnomusicology in Nigeria: The Journey Thus Far” In: Abraka Music
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                     Of Religion in Contemporary Society . Published by the Nigerian Association for the Study of
                     Religions (NASR). Pp. 13 – 24.
             5.     Ikibe, S.O. (2010).  “An Ethnomusicological Insight into Ade. P. Dopamu’s  Esu: The Invisible
                     Foe of Man.”  In: Chepkwony A.K. & Hess, P.M.J. (Eds.) Human Views On God: Variety Not
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