Name: Emoruwa,  F. Damilola
Status: Assistant Lecturer
Department: Performing Art


His Publications are:

     Emoruwa, Felix Damilola (2006) "Form and Meaning in Biripo Dance of the Ilaje in Ondo State", Journal of Humanities, 16: 39-60. 

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5. EMORUWA, F. D. 2010. “Influences on the Dance Styles and Conventions of the Ilaje Cherubim and Seraphim Zion Church” in US – China Foreign Language. Vol. 8, Number 10.:1-10. Illinois: USA.
b. (Chapter in Book)
6. EMORUWA, F. D. 2006. “Dance and Lighting Aesthetics in the Contemporary Nigerian Theatre” in Technical Theatre Practice in Nigeria: Trends and Issues. Oni D. and S. E. Ododo (eds.) Lagos: Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilization (CBAAC):101-109.
c. (Published Book)
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