ANIMASHAUN, Jubril Olayinka



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  • Serve as an Agricultural Economist, University of Ilorin Moringa Development Committee
  • Member, Local Organizing Committee, Moringa Leading Edge Conference (MLE 2012), organized by the University of Ilorin Moringa Development Committee
  • Member, Inter-Faculty Quiz and Debate Committee for Undergraduate Student, University of Ilorin
  • Supervisor and Data Analyst to FADAMA III World Bank and ADP Assisted Poverty Reduction program Project Assessment in Kwara State
  • Cadet-in chief/ President, National Youth Service Corp (NYSC)/  Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) Community Development Service 2010/2011 Kwara state
  • President, Student Union, University of Ilorin, Nigeria 2008/2009


A one-day Workshop Tagged:”Towards Excellence in Teaching and Research” Organized by the Centre for Research Development and In-House Training (CREDIT), University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria (November, 2012)


Recipient, 2004/2005 COWBELL/JAMB Scholarship Award for Outstanding Performance in Nigerian Universities Matriculation Examination (UME) 2004/2005


Proficient in Word Processing and Excel spreadsheet, Very familiar with software packages including; SPSS, EVIEW, STATA and Rudimentary knowledge of GAMS and MATLAB application


Reading, Writing and Intellectual Excursion