Foluke E. Sola-Ojo



His Publications are:

  1. S.A.O Bolu, F.E. Sola_Ojo, O. A. Olorunsanya and K. Idris (2009)  "Effect of Graded Levels of Dried Pawpaw carica Seed on the Performance, Haematology, Serum Biochemistry and Carcass Evaluation of Chicken Broilers"   International Journal of Poultry Science 8 (9): 905-909
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  8. Babatunde, R.O. Olagunju, F.I, Fakayode S.D and Sola-Ojo, F.E. (2011) "Prevalence and Determinants of Malnutrition among Under-five Children of Farming Households in Kwara State, Nigeria."  Journal of Agricultural Sciences Vol. 3 (3):176-181.