OJO, Victoria
Status: Lecturer I
Mobile Phone: 08052458223
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Department: Animal Production


(With Dates and Granted Bodies):
SSSCE West African Examination Council
B.Agric University of Ilorin
M.Sc. University of Ilorin
Ph.D University of Ilorin


Victoria OJO profile


His Publications are:

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  3. O. E. Ayinde1, V. Ojo2, A.A. Adeyina2 and Adesoye1 (2010) "Economics of Using Cocoa Bean Shell as Feed Supplement for Rabbits" Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 9 (2): 195-197  Available online at: Publisher: Asian Network for Scientific Information.
  4. S. B. Bolu, O.A. Olatunde and V. Ojo (2010) "Effect of Dietary Intervention on the Performance and Biochemical Indices of Chicken Broilers Challenceged With Aspergillus Flavus"  Challenged with Aspergillus flavus. Research Opinions in Animal and Veterinary Sciences. 1(5, 292-296.
  5. Ojo, V.,Ayorinde, K.L.and Fatoki, H.O. (2011): "Relationship between Body weight and some Egg Production Traits in the Japanese quail"  (Cortunix cortunix japonica) NISEB Journal. 11(2): 89 – 94. Published by Klobex Academic Publishers Ilorin.
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