Theriogenology is that part of the veterinary professional specialty involved with the improvement of reproduction, diagnostic, therapeutic and management techniques in fertility and infertility of animals. It also includes invasive and non-invasive techniques required to diagnose physiological and pathological states necessary to achieve sound reproductive health. It is key to economically viable livestock production.

This is linked to the development of strategic livestock activities backed by health and production management systems that will lead to technologies necessary for promoting profitable animal production ventures.

The Department is therefore structured into two Sections viz. a) Theriogenology and b) Production.

The Theriogenology Section has 3 Units

  1. Gynecology
  2. Obstetrics
  • Reproductive Biology Unit comprising Andrology, Artificial Insemination Services and Cryopreservation

The Production Health Section has 6 Units viz.

  1. Ruminant Health in Production Unit
  2. Monogastric Animal Health in Production Unit
  3. Wild Life Health in Production Unit
  4. Avian Health in Production Unit
  5. Fish Health in Production Unit
  6. Nutrition Health in Production
  7. The Department was established in 2014 pursuant to the accreditation of the Para Clinical Programme and the expectation for the commencement of the Clinical Programme in October 2014. 

There are two academic staffs in the department viz.

  1. Prof E. O. Oyedipe-Acting Head of Department and
  2. Ayobola B. Adeyemi.