The Department of Chemistry started as one of the foundation departments in the Faculty of Sciences in 1976. The department is currently one of the largest departments in the Faculty of Physical Sciences where it is now domiciled. Chemistry, as a central discipline of science – deals with the world around us including life and the surrounding. It plays a vital part in our understanding of the structure and interactions of matter in the universe. Chemistry impacts strongly on all fields of Sciences which include Medicine, Pharmacy, Geology, Engineering, Environmental studies, Agriculture and others.

UNILORIN has one of the best Chemistry departments in Nigeria. Over 35 academics/research staff and many support staff interact with over 400 undergraduate and over 60 postgraduate students of Chemistry. The department however services well over 5,000 students of many other department, colleges, faculties and institutes within the university, particularly, students from College of Health Science/medicine (MBBS), Institute of Education, Faculties of Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Pharmacy and Agriculture. The learning environment is relaxed, with supervisors and lecturers operating an "open door" policy. Regular seminars and informal get – together of students and staff help promote a friendly working atmosphere. The Department is equipped to carry out research in various areas of chemistry. The Department aims to foster the critical, analytical and presentation skills required for professional scientist. Interdisciplinary research and partnership with industries are particularly encouraged.

Some of the niche areas of research in the department include:

  • Physical Chemistry
  • Natural Products Chemistry
  • Organic Synthetic Chemistry
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Atmospheric & Water Chemistry
  • Solid Minerals Processing
  • Material Chemistry
  • Organometallic Chemistry & metal – drugs complex
  • Food Chemistry
  • Cosmetics Chemistry
  • Nanochemistry
  • Other Applied Chemistry etc

The vision of the department of Chemistry is to establish itself as a world – class in terms of the quality of the graduates produced, quality teaching and research and the scholarship of its staff. The Department of Chemistry provides a high level, quality learning experience for all its students, from undergraduate to postgraduate, in both the theoretical and practical aspects of Chemistry. The Department of Chemistry has research links with several universities in Nigeria, Africa, Europe and North America. The Department is also a member of Pan African Chemistry Networks (PACN). The department has facilitated many quality national and international conferences, symposium and workshops.