Following the establishment of the University of Ilorin as a University College of the University of Ibadan by the Federal Government of Nigeria in September, 1975, the Faculty of Science was one of three Foundation Faculties that started Academic business on 23rd October, 1976.

The five foundation departments were Biological Sciences,Chemistry, Geology and Mineral Sciences, Mathematics and Physics. In the 1977/78 Session two more departments,Biochemistry and Statistics were added. The department of Biological Sciences was splitted into three, namely Microbiology,Plant Biology and Zoology in 2000/2001 academic session. while Computer Science was transferred to Faculty of Communication and Information Sciences in 2008/2009 session. Currently there are ten (10) programmes in the nine (9) Departments of the Faculty. Chemistry department has two programmes which are Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry.

The Department of Chemistry started as one of the foundation departments in the Faculty of Science in 1976, currently the department is one of the largest departments in the Faculty of Science. Chemistry – a central discipline of science – deals with the world around us including life and physical science. It plays a vital part in our understanding of the structure and interactions of matter in the universe. Therefore it impacts on fields such as geology, environmental studies, medicine, new materials and agriculture.

Brief History of the Department of Mathematics

The department came into existence in 1976 with Professor E.A. Bangudu 
(then Dr. E.A Bangudu) as its acting head and Professor P.Onumanyi 
(then Mr. Onumanyi) as a graduate assistant. 


The philosophy of the programme is the understanding of NATURE through Physics for intellectual and technological development of the society.


The B.Sc. Physics programme in the Faculty of Science, University of Ilorin, was introduced as one of the first set of academic programmes started by the University in 1976-77 sessions. From that time the programme and the Department fostering it have developed considerably in terms of the staff strength, available laboratory space and other physical facilities, student numbers, curriculum and research.

Brief History of the Department of Statistics, University of Ilorin

The Department of Statistics, University of Ilorin, was established in the 1977/78 academic year with Prof. S.K. Singha as the first head of the Department.  The first batch of students graduated in the 1979/80 academic year.

The Department started with three full time academic staff members, namely:

  • S. K. Sigha
  • E.T. Jolayemi
  • A.F. Ige

From that time the Department has been growing both in terms of number and quality of academic staff in one hand and also the number and grades of degree and diploma programmes on the other.  We would like to commend the University of Ilorin authorities for their continuous support and for providing academic learning environment that is conducive.  I will also want to commend the members of staff, Department of Statistics.  One of the unwritten cultures of the Department is delivery of course lectures as soon as academic year begins and also submission of students’ grades as soon as the examinations are over.  This has been sustaining over the year.