There is nothing we see around us today whether institution or a corporate body that does not have a beginning and we all know that beginning could be so small. This is demonstrated in that lives as all lives were born small and inside that smallness lies a full grown man or woman that has the potential of leading a whole nation.

The Department of Industrial Relations and Personnel Management in the University of Ilorin was born out of passion of the Management Team to grow the University to a level of impact on the African Continent.

This mindset of the University management was supported by the vibrant way the Department Business Administration was being run as at the time new department was to be born.

Therefore, there was no other Department in then Faculty of Business and Social Sciences that this new Department could be born than from the Department of Business Administration. This department (Business Administration) has proved her fecundity by giving birth to two out of the eight Departments that make-up the new Faculty of Management Sciences. And thanks to all the staff of the Department of Business Administration.

Though the preparatory work of creating this new Department begin several months before the commencement of the Department in 2014/2015, we cannot but give kudos to the major players that consulted other Universities, researched various sources, and conducted several meetings before this Department could become a shining reality today.

It will not surprise that the new Department recorded almost one hundred and forty students (140) in her first admission year. This is a proof that the ground work laid by the people that created the Department at all levels is really solidly and has started paying off immediately.

Today, the University of Ilorin is a shining light in the midst of all Universities across the globe because a Department that saddles itself with the responsibility of Developing Human Resources is birthed and nowhere in the world can this Department be ignored or underrated because whatever anyone does here in this universe requires the identification, recruiting, training and deploying personnel.

This feat by University, the Faculty of Management Sciences, and the Department of Industrial Relations and Personnel Management is worth celebrating even as we carry-on on consolidating on the achievement.