Welcome to the Faculty of Law


The Faculty of Law, University of Ilorin is one of the foremost law faculties in Nigeria. The faculty was initially established in 1983 as a unit in the Department of Business Administration, under the headship of Professor Eyitayo Lambo. By 1984, it was upgraded into a full department in the Faculty of Business and Social sciences. The then head of the law department was Professor R.W. James.

Because the law programme was housed in the Faculty of Business and Social sciences, the National University Commission (NUC) refused to recognise the programme. Consequently, department was closed down in 1987. However, in her desire to meet a cardinal objective of the University of Ilorin, which is to provide a sound university education in law, the management of the university made efforts to satisfy the requirements necessary for the establishment of a law faculty in Nigeria. The fruitful efforts led to the restoration of the Faculty of Law, university of Ilorin in 1994. 

Upon restoration, the revitalised and rebranded Faculty of Law commenced the operation of two undergraduate law programmes in law. To wit:

(i) Bachelor of Laws degree in common law; LLB (Common Law) and
(ii) Bachelor of Laws degree in common and Islamic law; LLB (Common & Islamic Law)
Since its second coming, the Faculty has continued to strive to rank amongst leading faculties of law in Nigeria. Both the Common Law and Common and Islamic Law programmes have received accreditation from the NUC in 2005 and 2008 respectively. Indeed, an indication of the leading position of the Faculty of Law, UNILORIN is the fact that the faculty was ranked third by the NUC in the 2004 Ranking of Nigerian Universities.