The Medical Education Resource Unit is one of the key Teaching Support Centres of the University of Ilorin. It is based in the office of the Provost of the College of Health Sciences but serves as a unit under the office of the Vice Chancellor.

The goal of the unit is to support teaching, academic research and to promote best practice for clinical care. Our mission is to advance evidence based medicine and improve health care quality by supporting education and collaborative research, locally and globally.

It is responsible for

  1. provision of audiovisual resources for lectures and dissemination of information
  2. provision of medical illustrations and photography
  3. assistance of staff and students in computer utilization
  4. Bringing clinical health care and on-site medical education to the developing world through internet (especially Telemedicine and Tele-consultation), e-mail and fax services
  5. Providing a digital library of authoritative medical information for the medical students, all students of health sciences and staff
  6. Hosting of medical education conferences
  7. Provision of support for research activities in clinical medicine
  8. Providing internship opportunities to would-be medical illustrators and pre-medical students
  9. Support of training through clinical skills simulation laboratory

To achieve these objectives MERU is divided into the following arms:


  1. Photography

The photography division is suppose to offer

  • Clinical Photography of patients
  • Medico–legal Photography for accident, assault or negligence cases
  • Clinical Trial Photography (including design of recording protocols for multi-site projects)
  • General photography (including portraits, equipment, location work)
  • Public relations and corporate photography
  • Digital imaging service:- slide and print scanning, burning files to CD/DVD. image retouching & manipulation
  • Digital copy: diagrams, X-rays, scans, gels etc
  • Photo quality print service
  • Support and advice on PowerPoint and other software
  • Clinical trials coverage
  • Keep a photo Gallery