1. Objectives: The objectives to be reached in each year shall be clearly presented to students.
  2. In the second and subsequent years, instruction shall be in the community, hospital, classroom and laboratory and is not quantified by credits. Students in these years shall be designated:

Second Year (200L)
Third Year (300L)
Fourth Year (400L)
Fifth Year (500L)
Sixth Year (600L)

MB;BS Programme
For a 100 level MB;BS student to proceed to 200 level MB;BS at the end of 100 level, he/she must:

  1. Possess a GPA of at least 3.0 and in addition pass all courses with a score equal to or greater than 50% in each of the courses.
  2. A student who fails to obtain a pass mark of 50% in not more than 2 courses in all but whose weighted average(s) in each subject(s) is not less than 45% and his/her GPA is not less than 3.0 shall proceed to 200 level.
  3. Any student who fails to satisfy the conditions in (1) or (2) above shall be required to withdraw from the MB;BS programme.

B.Sc Programme in Anatomy, Physiology and Nursing
A candidate at 100 level B.Sc Anatomy or B.Sc Physiology must have a GPA equal to or greater than 2.0 before he/she can proceed to the second year of the same progamme.

Second and Third Years

During these two years (2nd and 3rd) of the Basic Medical Sciences, the subjects learnt shall constitute a continuous programme. The subjects are Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology and Integrated subjects in the MB;BS programme Pharmacology shall be introduced in Year 3 (300 Level) and examined as part of the integrated paper.

Students’ performance shall be determined by means of:

  1. Progressive assessment, and
  2. The First Professional examination at the end of Year 3.

Progressive assessment and the First Professional examination will each carry 50% of the total mark. The pass mark for each subject as well as for the examination shall be 50%.

Progressive assessment shall be based on:

  1. Periodic tests taken either during or at the end of study of each body system or equivalent programme and on practical including each Community based Experience and Service (COBES) posting.
  2. Comprehensive examination at the end of Year 2 covering all the subjects studied during that year.
  1. A student who obtains a pass mark of 45% or more in each subject of the Progressive Assessment shall proceed to year 3.
  2. A student who attains 45% in 2 or 3 subjects only to but scores 40-45% in 1 or 2 subjects shall have the option either to proceed 300 Level or repeat 200 Level.
  3. A student who attains 40-45% in 3 or 4 subjects or less than 40% in 1 or 2 subjects shall repeat 200 Level
  4. A student who attains less than 40% in 3 or 4 subjects, or fails again (less than 45%) after repeating 200 Level, shall withdraw from the MB;BS programme.
  5. The First Professional MB;BS examination shall consist of four components. Three of these are individual subjects of Anatomy, Biochemistry and Physiology. The fourth part shall be an integrated examination incorporating the Community Based Experience and Service (COBES) programme, and principles of Pathology, Microbiology and Parasitology, Behavioural Sciences, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, and Epidemiology and Community Health.
  6. In order to proceed to the Clinical Clerkship of Years 4, 5 and 6 a candidate must complete the prescribed courses, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology and the integrated subjects and pass the examination stated above with a grade of not less than 50% in each subject (Progressive Assessment and Examination marks taken together)External Examiners shall be required to take part in the conduct of the First Professional examination.
    1. A candidate who fails in three or more subjects shall repeat Year 3, and shall retake the entire failed subject (s) in the First Professional Examination at the end of Year 3.
    2. A candidate who fails in not more than two subjects shall resit the subjects failed within 3months of the first examination. If he fails the resit examination, he shall repeat Year 3.
    3. Where a student has to repeat a whole year in order to sit for subject(s) previously failed, he shall be required to repeat the entire course towards progressive assessment but sit the terminal examination in the subject(s) in which he failed.
    4. After repeating Year 3 and examination, a candidate who fails in any subject shall be required to take part in the conduct of the First Professional examination.
  7. External Examiners shall be required to take part in the conduct of the First Professional examination.