1. Instructions in the pre-medical year shall be by courses quantified into credits.
  2. A credit shall be a series of fifteen one-hour lectures or tutorial classes, or an equivalent combination of these types of instruction.
  3. No course shall carry less than one credit or more than five credits.
  4. Students shall take courses as prescribed by the Faculty, in Physics, Chemistry and Biology with not less than 6 credits for each of these subjects. In addition the students shall take GNS 101 and GNS 102. GNS 201 and GNS 202 shall be taken in the second year while GNS 301 shall be taken in the third year.
  5. Each course shall normally be examined at the end of the semester in which it is completed.
  6. Examination shall range from a minimum of one hour to a maximum of three hours.
  7. For each course there shall be a panel of examiners which shall consist of not less than two Examiners one of whom shall normally be the Head of Department who shall be designated the Chief Examiner.
  8. The panel sets and moderates the questions and marks the answer scripts.
  9. Panel members shall also jointly sign draft question papers and the examination results before the latter are submitted to the Examinations Officer by the Chief examiner.
  10. The absence of a member of the panel shall not affect the validity of draft question or paper examination results.
  11. Each course shall be graded out of 100 in the proportion of 30% for continuous assessment and 70% for course examination.
  12. No credit shall be awarded for any course which a student fails by scoring below 40%.
  13. The results of course examination shall be submitted by the Chief Examiner through the Dean of the Faculty to the Examinations Officer who publishes the result.
  14. An examiners’ meeting shall normally be held at the end of each session to consider examination results for that session.
  15. Statement of examination results shall be issued to students as appropriate at the end of the academic session.