The administrative structure of the College of Medicine has gone through a number of review stages as a result of the rapid growth in numerical and academic strength of the Faculties.  The present structure was evolved in 1981, slightly reviewed in 1983 and reviewed again in 2004 when the collegiate delegated to various committees. 

Each committee has got a clearly defined structure in terms of membership and tenure of office.  Terms of reference are given to each committee by the Faculty Board to whom the committees are ultimately responsible, either directly or through the Board of Studies.

As and when specific but non-recurrent matters arise, provision is made for the appointment of ad-hoc committees to deal with those matters.  Such committees, however, report to the Boards of Faculties within the College as well as those of various College and Faculty Committees. 

The following are some of the college committees 

  • College Academic Board
  • Hostel Maintenance Task Force Committee
  • College Environmental Committee