Professor Oyeronke Olademo

Oyeronke Olademo is a Professor of Comparative Religious Studies at the Department of Religions, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria. She is widely published in local, national and international journals. She has attended and presented papers in many international conferences in North America, the United Kingdom and Europe. Prof. Olademo has enjoyed post-doctoral fellowships including the Salzburg Seminar, Austria, (1999), CODESRIA (1999) and Visiting Lecturer and Fellow, Harvard Divinity School (2000). She presented the 136th Inaugural Lecture of the University of Ilorin on the 27th of June 2013. She has been involved with collaborative academic works across disciplines, nationally and internationally for the past twenty years. She was the former HOD Religions (2004-05), (2012-15) and chairman Computer Based Test (CBT) (2011-13). She loves singing and cooking.

Successive Deans of the Faculty

Professor O. Awobuluy

 September 1976 -  31st July 1980

Professor I.A.B. Balogun

 1st August 1980 -  31st July 1984

Professor Ade M. Obayemi

 1st August 1984 - 28th February 1987

Professor O. Olajubu

 1st March 1987 -  31st July 1992

Professor P.A. Dopamu

 1st August 1992 -  1st July 1996

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 1st August 2000 -  29th March 2001

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 29th March -  14th September 2001

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 1st August 2003 -  31st July 2005

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 1st August 2005 -  31st July 2007

Professor R. A. Akanmidu

 1st August 2007 -  31st July, 2009

Professor Z. I. Oseni 

 1st August 2009 -  July, 31st 2011

Professor C. Bodunde 

 1st August 2011 – July, 31st 2013

Professor Akinwale 

 1st August 2013  - July, 31st 2015

Professor Abdulsalam A. S.

 1st August 2015 - July, 31st 2015

Professor Oyeronke Olademo

 1st August to date.