The Department of Civil Engineering was established in 1978. It admitted its first set of under graduate students in the same year and started the postgraduate programme in 1984. The Department offers undergraduate degree programme leading to the Bachelor of Engineering Degree (B.Eng), post-graduate degree programme leading to Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) with specialization in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Highway Materials.

The Department is devoted to preparation of graduates for professional practice, research and development in the design, construction and maintenance of structures (buildings, bridges, towers etc.), sanitary systems (water supply, sewage disposal etc) and transportation systems (streets, highways, airports etc). The curriculum is planned to provide the graduate with solid foundation in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Fundamentals. In addition, the programme focuses on various applications of these engineering fundamentals and acquisition of skills needed to function effectively as a professional in the society. Graduates of the Department are prominent in government agencies, industries, consulting firms, construction companies and academia.

The Civil Engineering Department is run under the leadership of the Head, who is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor through the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology. As one of the foremost departments of the University, it has grown steadily since its establishment and it presently has full complement of academic, technical, and administrative staff. It is well equipped with laboratories in the major disciplines of Civil Engineering, a central Faculty workshop and a drafting studio for engineering and construction drawings. It shares the facilities of the faculty’s computer laboratory with other departments in the Faculty.

Since inception, the Department has produced many graduates from the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes including some at the PhD level. The Department has been accredited and re-accredited by both the academic and professional regulatory bodies in Nigeria (NUC and COREN).Indeed the subsisting accreditation will not expire until 2011.



The Association of Civil Engineering Students came into being in 1989. it is noteworthy that the association has 240 financial members currently.

The aims and objectives of ACES include:

(a) Forming an academic link between the members of the Association, and the Department of Civil Engineering in particular, and Faculty of Engineering and Technology in general.

(b) Discussing matter affecting the academic and social welfare of members of the association.

(c) Associating the members of ACES, Unilorin Chapter with Nigerian Universities Engineering Students Association, (NUESA), Unilorin Chapter, other Engineering bodies within and outside the country and in pursuance of this objective, it shall be obligatory that all members shall be members of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE).

(d) Helping in shaping the course of technological development of Nigeria by encouraging and carrying out industrial projects, offering useful and constructive suggestions to the Government and the bodies responsible for the making of the Nations technological policies.

(e) Creating a forum for discussing technological advancement namely through organizing symposia, quizzes, lectures etc.

(f) Promoting a cordial relationship among all members of the association.

Criteria for membership

(a) Membership shall be compulsory for all students registered in the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Ilorin.

(b) All members shall be mandated to pay annual due which shall be fixed by the Executives council and Civil Engineering Students Representative Council (CESRC). Members in accordance with the prevailing economic situation.

Types of Membership


There shall be an alumni’s association in which all graduates of the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Ilorin shall be members which makes them automatic life members of the association.

Activities of ACES

(a) Orientation program for the freshmen.

(b) Quiz competition, Seminars, PRESENTATIONS AND SYMPOSIUMS>
(c) Interactive section between excos and members during congress meetings.

(d) Coordinating other programmes that benefit her financial members.

Benefit of being a member of the association

(a) All members shall have privilege to make use of the facilities provided by the association except otherwise stated in the constitution.

(b) Every member shall have access to helpful information and detail about the association.

(c) Every member shall have the right to give his/her suggestion(s) or grievance(s) and be processed.

(d) All new members shall have the right to pass through an orientation programme to be organized by the association every session.

(e) All financial members shall have the right to vote and be voted for