The Department of Architecture was established in 2013 at the inception of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences. It is part of the five Departments that took off as the latest Faculty within the University of Ilorin.

The department positions the University of Ilorin amongst the club of schools offering Architectural education in Nigeria. And within its current structure, the department is positioned to offer a modern architectural education that will produce graduates that can compete both in the Architecture profession and academia.

It currently runs a contemporary Architectural education based on the two tier system of education for the Undergraduate and Graduate Studies. This is based on the traditional studio training within Architectural education as well as a combination of Architectural sciences, Research and Professional training.

As a small but growing department, it has a growing number of student population, and the demand for the course continues to grow. The department welcomes students from all parts of the country and further afield. The department’s host within the environmental sciences allows it to leverage on Allied disciplines within the environmental sciences for cross cutting initiatives. The faculty and visiting researchers in the department will welcome collaboration from industry, government, and academia on projects and research within most traditional fields of enquiry within Architecture.


The Sustainable Housing Research Group (SHARG) is a research cohort active within the department of Architecture. It was started as an initiative towards realizing sustainable housing in the country. The aim is to use the vast resources and land within the university of Ilorin community – inside the permanent site campus – to start a pilottowards affordable housing typologies for staff and students through a series of demonstration projects that will enhance affordable and readily sourced housing solutions.