History of the Department

The Department of Arts Education came into existence in August 2013 when it was carved out of the former Department of Arts and Social Sciences Education. Similarly the Department of Social Sciences Education came into existence as a result of the splitting of the former Department of Arts and Social Sciences Education into the Department of Arts Education and Social Sciences Education in August 2013.


The programme Guidance and Counselling forms part of the very few degree programmes with which the University of Ilorin started her academic programmes in 1976. 
Since then programmes in Guidance and Counselling had continued to wax stronger at the University of Ilorin. When the University of Ilorin produced its first graduate in 1979, there were 12 grandaunts with specialization in Guidance and Counselling. Since then there had been grandaunts every year in B.Ed. Guidance and Counselling.

Brief Historical Background Of the Department of Educational Technology

The Faculty of Education was established in 1976 with an omnibus Department of Education which ran degree programmes in Arts, Science, Guidance and Counseling and Educational Management.  As the Department expanded, three new Departments (i.e., the Department of Teacher Education, Department of Guidance and Management, and the Department of Adult Education and Extension Services) were established.  The three Departments started to function effectively in 1979.  Under the new dispensation, the Department of Teacher Education coordinated the degree programmes in the Sciences and Humanities.  It also coordinated the teaching of Foundation courses to all students of Education.

The Department of Human Kinetics Education started with Certificate and Diploma Programmes in October, 1980.  Between October, 1981 and September, 2005, the Department has grown by leaps and bounds offers programmes leading to the award of Bachelor of Science (Education) Degree  in two (2) programmes; Human Kinetics and Health Education.  It also offers Mater of Education (M.Ed.) degrees and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees in both programmes with specializations in Administration of human Kinetics Education and Sports, Exercise Physiology, Health Education, Adapted Human Kinetics Education, Sports Management, Curriculum in Human Kinetics Education, Sociology of Human Kinetics Education and Sports and Sports Psychology.

History of the Department

The Department of Social Sciences Education started as the Department of Education in October 1976 at the inception of the University. In October 1978, it became Department of Teacher Education and was responsible for courses in Historical, Philosophical, Psychological and Sociological Foundations of Education as well as courses in Educational Evaluation, Curriculum Studies and Educational Technology.