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About CILS

The decision to establish the Centre for Ilorin Studies (CILS) was finalized at the Badagry Retreat held from the 8th to the 11th of June, 2010. The decision is in line with the grand vision of making the University of Ilorin, an International Centre of Excellence in learning, research, probity and service to humanity. It is also in line with the University’s broad mission of providing a world-class environment for learning, research and community service. It also reflects current national and international best practices as demonstrated by several National and International Research Centres including the Ilorin History and Culture Bureau; Ilorin, Nigeria; the Arabic Documentation Centre of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria; Centre for Trans-Saharan Studies of the University of Maiduguri, Nigeria; Centre for Islamic Studies, Usman Dan-Fodiyo University, Sokoto, Nigeria; Arewa House Centre for Documentation and Historical Research, Kaduna, Nigeria; International Research Institute of Stavenger, Iris; Mama Haedarah Centre for Manuscripts, Timbuktu, Mali; Civitan International Research Centre, University of Alabama, USA; Jircas Japan International Research Centre for Agricultural Sciences; Jealott’s Hill International Research Centre, United Kingdom; Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAM); etc.

The establishment of the Centre is further prompted by the historical, cultural, religious and several other types of manuscripts, books and publications lying fallow in the Ilorin Emirate with little or no documentation at all. The Centre is thus a fulfillment of a major objective of the University of Ilorin in terms of being sensitive to the needs of the immediate and remote environment and meeting such needs. This is the background and the justification for the Centre for Ilorin Studies.