Professor  Nnoruka, N.M. (French)

Bariki, O. I (French)

Dr. Emielu, A. (Performing Arts)

Agboola, A.S. (Religions)

Raymond Ogunade (Religions)

Professor Y. A. Quadri (Religions)

Dr Babatunde S. T. (English)

Ogunkunle, C.O.  Religions)

Mr. Adedimeji, M.A. (English)

Rafiu, K. A. (Linguistics and Nig. Languages

Mrs. Arokoyo, B.E. (Linguistics and Nig. Languages)

Professor (Mrs.) Alabi, V.A. ( English)

Professor.(Mrs.) Olademo O. Oyeronke (Religions)

Dr R. W. Omotoye (Religions)

Mrs Hassanat Abubakar F. (Arabic)

Aje, S.A. (Linguistics & Nig. Languages)

Alabi, Taofiq .A. (Assistant Lecturer)

Dr. Adeosun, Hezekiah .O. (Linguistics Nig. Lang.)

Abdullahi-Idiagbon, M.S. (English)

Olaoye, R.A. (History)

Dr. AbdulRasheed, Adeoye Abiodun (Performing Arts)

Adegbite, Adesina (Performing Art)

Atoyebi, J.A. (Linguistics and Nig. Languages)

Akinfenwa, O.B. (Religions)

Adebayo, R.I. (Religions)

Hashir, Abdulsalam (Religions)

Professor Kofoworola, E.O. (Performing Arts)

Ikibe, Solomon (Performing Arts)

Balogun, O.P. (English)

Professor Bodunde, Charles (English)

Lemuel, E.O. ( History)

Ibrahim, Binta F.
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Department: English

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Olujide, T.M. (English)

Ibrahim, B.O. (History)

Professor Eyinla, Bolade M.(History)

Emoruwa, F. Damilola (Performing Art)

Aghalino, S.O. (History)

Name: Ojuade, Jeleel Olasunkanmi (Performing Arts)

Dr. OmoIya, S.Y. (History)

Name: Tijani, Y.O. (French)

Name: Mensa, Baa (French)

Name: Ajayi, Y.A.
Status: Professor
Department: Liguistics and Nig. Languages

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Name: Aiyedun, K.D. (History)

Name: Oyebola, M.A.O. (Linguistics and Nig. Languages)

Alamu, A.G. (Religions)

Dr. Adeyemi Lere (Linguistics and Nig. Languages)

Lewu, M.A.Y. (History)

Name: Akanmidu, R.A. (Religions)

Ibraheem, Onireti Lateef

Professor  Oseni Zakariyau. I Religions

Name: Dopamu Abiola T. (Religions)

Dr. Sanusi, Issa O. (Linguistics & Nigerian Languages)

Omoloso, R.K. Linguistics & Nigerian Languages

Imam, A.Y. (Religious)

Shuaib, S.O. (Performing Arts)

Gbodofu Khalil Mohammed Usman

Sanni Suleiman Afsat (French)

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