Academic Planning Unit

The Academic Planning Unit was established in 1979. It operates in the Vice-Chancellor's office. The unit is headed by a Director, who is a high ranking academic staff, and is assisted by some professional and other supportive staff. The Director of the Unit is directly responsible to Vice-Chancellor for the day to day administration of the Unit.

The Function of the Academic Planning Unit includes:

  • To guide and monitor the university's activities in accordance with the statutory goals, mission and vision of the university.
  • To ensure the most economical arrangement and operation which guarantee the achievement of high quality in the academic programming of the university.
  • Enrolment Projection and Assessment needs as basis for resource allocation in the University
  • Using information on University academic materials and facilities for planning
  • Preparation of National Universities Commission (NUC) Annual Estimates for the University
  • Annual updating, analysis and interpretation of data for the planning, preparation of the University budget and subsequent resource allocation within the ambit of the approved budget
  • Analyzing and monitoring of resources allocation and utilization within the University
  • Searching/Soliciting for Fellowships, Scholarships, Technical Assistance, External Aids etc for staff to enhance teaching, research and development
  • Determination of adequate staff strength and requirement to guide against any possible excess staffing and its attendant results
  • Sourcing for linkages and collaborations with other Universities/Institutions/Organizations in order to exchange collegiality across the globe
  • General distribution and administration of the Direct Teaching and Laboratory Cost Allocation to departments and rendering adequate feedback to NUC
  • Preparation of the University Rolling Plans in conjunction with the Physical Planning Unit
  • Preparation of Strategic Plan and ensuring University’s compliance with the provisions of the plan in its implementation
  • Preparation, implementation and general review of Academic Brief
  • Continuous evaluation of academic programmes, rationalization of courses, merging/splitting of departments/units
  • Participating in University curricular revision and ensuring that University complies with procedures and guidelines on new programme development
  • Rendering secretarial and academic services for the allocation of Teaching and Research Equipment Grant (TREG), Direct Teaching and Laboratory Cost (DTLC).
  • Analyzing utilization of allocated resources to various aspects of University operation such as academic and material resources (laboratories, classes, offices and other facilities)
  • Coordination of accreditation and Re-accreditation of academic programmes and ensuring adherence to NUC Minimum Academic Standard (Quality Assurance)
  • Appraisal and processing of requests for affiliation from other tertiary institutions
  • Preparation, computerization and publication of data on students admission, enrolment projections and determination of Full-Time Education (FTE)
  • Preparation of Digest of Statistics
  • Collection, analysis and interpretation of University’s annual and trend statistics for both internal and external consumption
  • Formation of a computerized data-base for teaching and research equipment
  • Computerization and dissemination of data required as input for planning purposes
  • University Data Bank
  • Involved in some National Planning Activities such as the National Manpower Board, National Planning Commission etc.

The Unit also provides Secretariat assistances to the following Committees:

  • Senate Estimates
  • Sub-Committee of Senate Estimates
  • Academic Planning and Curriculum
  • Teaching and Research Equipment Grant
  • Nigerian Universities Research and Development Fair (NURESDEF)
  • University Accreditation
  • Senate Research Grant
  • The Unit liaises with the National Universities Commission on behalf of the University and any other duty assigned the Vice-Chancellor


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